Alex Morega


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alex at this domain
Web development
I like building elegant solutions to difficult problems.
Bucharest, Romania
Job type:
Full time, project-based

Job history

Freelancer, June 2013 – present
I work on web applications with Python (Django, Flask) and JavaScript (node.js, webpack, react.js, d3, cordova).
  • EIC (April 2016 – present) – build research tools and support ongoing investigations
  • Click&Collect (July 2015 – February 2017) – system architecture, package tracking service, mobile app for agents, integration with partners
  • iMedicare (June – October 2016) – security, performance, ops
  • Schubert & Franzke (December 2015 – May 2016) – mobile app with information about a city
  • AgriPlace (March 2015, on-site in Amsterdam) – refactoring, ops
  • Jacobean R&D (August 2014 – June 2015) – tools to edit and visualize statecharts
  • Kagen Allergy Clinic (January – August 2014) – maps for mobile allergy app
  • Parlament Transparent (August 2013 – November 2014; ongoing maintenance) – scrape Parliament website, present information in a friendly way, calculate statistics for political science researchers
Eau de Web July 2008 – June 2013
We did consulting for public sector clients (e.g. European Environment Agency, World Bank). I spoke to clients to learn their needs, iterated on implementation, deployed and maintain the applications in production, alone or as part of a small team. I got to work with a good variety of open source technologies, centered around Python web development. I sent patches to upstream whenever possible. Here's some stuff I did:
  • Maintain and extend a CMS service – Naaya – which hosted dozens of websites;
  • Worked closely with biodiversity experts to provide them with collaboration and publishing tools;
  • Delivered on-site trainings;
  • Created thematic tiled maps;
  • Web application and data store for uploading >20GB geotiffs;
  • Management and monitoring tools for an LDAP with thousands of accounts;
  • Visualization service for EU statistics based on multi-dimensional data coming from an RDF database.
ITerating Software February 2006 – February 2008 was a startup where we tried to catalog software products. I got to work with RDF (the data was stored using Jena), Java servlets, and plain no-framework JavaScript. I was also administering the production servers.


ROSEdu 2009 – present
ROSEdu is a student organization at the CS department, Polytechnic University of Bucharest. We promote open-source technology and values among students and faculty. I do presentations (e.g. Python, unit testing, WSGI, Unicode), mentorship and organizing events.
Computer lab at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Electrical Engineering department 2001 – present
I do system administration for the computer network in a lab (a handful of servers and a couple dozen workstations). This taught me a lot about Linux system administration and keeping users happy.
Organizing hackathons
  • Poiana Baronilor Locali 2.0 – a civic hackers group that got together after the 2014 Presidential elections to improve public access to information
  • PyBucurești (2010-2011) – a local Python user group
I make a point of going to conferences in order to stay up-to-date. GeoSpatial Romania (most events since 2011, usually giving a talk or workshop), EuroPython (2010, 2013, 2014), RuPy (2011, 2012), FOSS4G-CEE (2012), PyCon US (2009, 2011), TDWG (2008), Eliberatica (2007, 2008, 2009).


Faculty of Electronics, Polytechnic University, Bucharest 2003 – 2008
National Informatics College "Tudor Vianu", Bucharest 1999 – 2003
Courses, competitons
  • 2001: Completed the CISCO CCNA course
  • 1999 – 2002: Various rankings at the Physics Olympiad, including national runner-up one year


Web applications
I care deeply about good user experiences and well-architected systems. Currently exploring the JavaScript ecosystem, both client side and server side. I have written lots of Python code, especially with Django and Flask; can write WSGI middleware by hand; dove deep into Zope source code (more than I'd like to admit). Also wrote Perl CGI scripts in the distant past.
Fluent with GIS terminology, tools and practices; can set up web services and render complex maps.
Semantic web
Handy with SPARQL; familiar with RDF concepts.
Programming languages
Lots of experience with Python and JavaScript; also comfortable with shell scripting, Rust, C, Objective-C, Perl, Java, PHP.
Data storage and indexing
Good experience with SQL and ORMs; some experience with non-relational data stores, especially elasticsearch and Redis.
Human languages
Romanian: native; English: advanced; French: enough to keep myself alive.